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Soft Liner/Tissue Conditioning

three women smilingA soft liner has been placed in your prosthesis to help your soft tissue heal more quickly and help maintain retention throughout the healing process.

This liner is meant to be a temporary solution only and should be changed periodically and should not be worn for longer than 4-6 months. This material is porous and, over time, can absorb odors, stains, and bacteria, or start to separate from your prosthesis. Eventually, this soft liner will need to be replaced with a hard, long lasting material, or a new prosthesis (as discussed in your treatment plan).

Care Of A Prosthesis With A Soft Liner

•  Whenever the prosthesis is not in your mouth, it should be wrapped in a wet paper towel and stored in a denture cup or Ziploc bag to maintain moisture.
•  Do NOT soak in water unless while cleaning and only for 5-10 minutes.
•  Use a soft toothbrush to brush the inside of the prosthesis (where the soft liner is located). You may use your stiffer denture brush on the outer, tooth surface.
•  If you choose to use a tablet cleanser, soak only 5-10 minutes, not overnight.
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