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Implant Fixed Bridges
Greensboro, NC

Elderly woman being treated at Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics in Greensboro, NCThere are some multiple treatment options you can consider when you are missing teeth. Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics suggests you consider an implant retained fixed bridge as an option when you are missing only a few teeth. This is a long term, fixed solution that won't only improve your smile, but also prevent future issues from occurring.

What Are Implant Fixed Bridges

An implant retained fixed bridge is similar to a traditional bridge used to replace missing teeth. The main difference is that while traditional bridges are supported by crowns on natural teeth, implant fixed bridges are supported by dental implants. In comparison to a traditional bridge, implant fixed bridges do not require the adjacent natural teeth be reduced for support. This can allow you to preserve the integrity of your natural teeth while replacing the missing teeth.

How the Implant Process Works

The entire process begins with an initial consultation which includes a comprehensive examination, diagnostic photographs, x-rays as needed, and impressions or digital scans of your teeth and gums. We will then meet with you to discuss which treatment options are available to you based on your unique circumstances.

When we determine that you are a candidate for dental implants, we will help coordinate the surgical aspect of your treatment with an oral surgeon or periodontist. We will work closely with this specialist to help plan the surgical aspect of the implant process to ensure implant placement that will be ideal for your final tooth design.

Once the implants have been placed and have healed (or 'osseointegrated') fully, we will begin the process of creating your final implant bridge. The specific steps for this process vary per patient based on their individual needs. We will discuss the details of your case in detail prior to beginning treatment.

If you have lost multiple teeth in the front of your mouth, you may consider an anterior bridge. If you have any concerns, ask us during your consulation.

How to Care for Your Implant Fixed Bridge

Cleaning your partial fixed bridge really isn't any different than cleaning your natural teeth. The only thing you must remember is to clean between it and your gums. Sometimes you may need a special, small brush or type of floss that helps you clean those areas that are hard to reach. Additionally, since partial fixed bridges are made from porcelain, you'll want to make sure that you use nonabrasive fluoride toothpaste, so you don't damage them.

You'll also need a regular check-up every 6 months, and occasionally you'll also need to visit our office for an adjustment. Otherwise, these are easy to wear and to care for, so if you're interested in this procedure to make sure you call Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics at 336-274-5400 today.
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If you're missing teeth, Julie A. Phillips, DDS, MS says that the most reliable option is a partial fixed bridge. Call her office today at: 336-890-8218.
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