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Multiple Tooth Replacement
Greensboro, NC

woman smiling after receiving multiple teeth replacements with implantsIf you have a span of missing teeth, multiple dental implants might be your solution. Multiple implants look, feel and function like natural teeth and hold your bridge in firmly in place without needing support from the adjacent natural teeth. The implant-supported partial bridge will replace some of your tooth roots, so that your jawbone is better preserved since the implant integrates, or bonds with the jawbone to keep the bone healthy and intact.

What you Should Know about Multiple Tooth Replacement?

Multiple missing teeth may require as few as two implants. A full arch replacement may require 4-8 implants. Replacing a span of missing teeth will help make talking and eating much easier. Multiple implants are the most natural-looking and feeling option available. In part, this is because no metal hooks are needed to attach a removable partial denture to the existing teeth. The implants hold the new teeth in place.

After the bone, gum tissue and implant placement space are evaluated; we can determine which option is best for you. For those patients who cannot or choose not to use Implants, a removable partial denture (RPD) can be used instead. An RPD is made up of replacement teeth that are attached to a gum-colored plastic base. They require the use of either metal clasps (which are visible), or precision attachments, (which are much less visible), to hold the denture to the natural teeth.

For those patients who prefer a removable partial denture, the denture must be removed daily for cleaning. Good daily oral hygiene is important for a comfortable and healthy mouth. We also offer single tooth replacement for patients with only one missing tooth. Regardless of your situation, there is no reason to live with missing teeth. Call and schedule an appointment and we will evaluate which method of tooth replacement will work the best for you.
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Multiple Teeth Replacement with Implants • Greensboro, NC
If you have a span of missing teeth, multiple implants might be your solution. Multiple implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. Call us (336) 890-8218.
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