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Instructions Following Extraction
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•  Rest for the remainder of the day following your extraction. Remember no heavy lifting or bending and standing. Take it easy.
•  No forceful spitting. You may rinse but just let the water gently run out of your mouth into the sink.
•  No drinking through a straw.
•  No smoking for the rest of the day, or preferably throughout the healing process.
•  Forceful spitting, drinking through a straw, smoking, or anything that can create suction in your mouth may dislodge the clot resulting in a painful “dry socket”.
•  You have soft foods after your extraction. While you are still numb, be careful chewing as you may bite your tongue, jaw, or lip. Avoid extremely hot foods.
•  You may experience some oozing of blood. Often blood will mix with your saliva and appear to be bleeding more than it actually is. Lightly tinged saliva is acceptable, contact our office if you are experiencing bright red saliva.
•  If a prosthesis was inserted, wear it for the rest of the day and while you sleep tonight. Only remove it to clean/rinse. Wearing it overnight will help to reduce swelling at the extraction site.
•  After the first full night, you may start removing your denture while you sleep.
•  If you do not have a denture or partial, gauze will be placed over the extraction site when you leave. Bite firmly on the gauze for 30 minutes to an hour. You will be given extra gauze to take home with you. As the gauze becomes saturated replace it with 2 of the extra gauze. Fold both gauze pads in half and then fold it into half again. Place the gauze over the extraction site and bite firmly. Hold until the bleeding subsides. Change the gauze every 30 minutes or until the bleeding stops. It is normal to see slight oozing of blood after the gauze is removed.
•  We recommend using an old pillow case or old towel draped across your pillow in case of any possible oozing of blood while you sleep.
•  If the gauze continues to become saturated with blood after 2 hours or if you have any concerns please call your oral surgeon or our office at 336-274-5400.
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