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Implant Supported Dentures
Greensboro, NC

Portrait of a happily married mature couple after receiving implant supported dentusre from Julie A. Phillips, ProsthodonticsMany people wonder what the difference is between a full arch replacement and an dental implant supported denture. Both are supported and attached to implants, but the supported denture attaches to implants with special snap attachments and is fully removable. In fact, you must remove it every day to clean it and practice proper denture care. These snap attachments stabilize and support your replacement teeth while you are wearing them.

Most of the time an Implant supported denture is used on the lower jaw because that tends to be the most unstable. A regular upper jaw denture is pretty stable on its own and doesn’t usually need the extra support of implants. But some people chose to have implant supported dentures on both jaws. Sometimes conventional denture wearers experience slurred speech or clicking noises. Implant supported dentures all but eliminate those issues.

The implant supported dentures attach via two different types of implants:

Ball-retained dentures

Thes are otherwise known as “stud attachments,” the implant in the jaw are ball-shaped “male” attachments. The denture is fitted with “female” sockets that are attached to the denture. They snap together.

Bar-retained dentures

A thin, metal bar follows the curve of your jawline and is attached to several implants in your jawbone. Clips are fitted to the bar or the denture or both. The denture fits over the bar and is clipped into place.

Usually, the implants are placed at the front of your mouth because there tends to be more bone in the front jaw. The front jaw also doesn’t have as many nerves that could interfere with implant placement. The entire procedure to fit you with implant supported dentures lasts five months to a year. However, you will be fitted with a temporary set of dentures until your custom made ones are finished.

This implant supported design offers the solid feel of fixed teeth while allowing easy access for hygiene and dental maintenance. Call our office today and let us evaluate if you are a good candidate for Implant supported dentures. Find your smile again, eat foods that you love and never worry that your dentures will become loose or fall out.

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