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Immediately Following Surgery
woman smiling at doctorYour denture/partial is designed to accommodate the dramatic changes that occur after having your teeth extracted. Your mouth may feel very strange and different to you following surgery.
•  Follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon or periodontist regarding diet, medication, rinsing, etc.
•  You may remove the denture/partial for cleaning, but it should be reinserted within 5-10 minutes.
•  The first time you remove your prostheses it is best to be sitting. Your prothesis compresses the tissues in your mouth and when removed may cause a slight feeling of being light headed.
•  Wear your prosthesis as much as possible, and especially overnight, until you return to our office for your first evaluation/adjustment appointment.
•  If the denture/partial is removed for an extended period of time, any swelling that may occur can go unregulated and you may not be able to reinsert your denture/partial.
•  We will make any modifications or adjustments necessary during your office visit with us.

If you experience any problem, please call our call Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics at 336-274-5400. If the office is closed, please call the emergency number noted on the voice message.
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Immediately Following Surgery • Julie A. Phillips, DDS, MS
Experiencing a problem? Call Julie A. Phillips, DDS, MS, at 336-890-8218. If the office is closed, please call the emergency number noted on the voice message.
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