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Full Arch Replacement
Greensboro, NC

man and woman smiling after receiving Full Arch ReplacementsWhat is the very best, most natural, longest lasting and method to replace an entire mouth of missing teeth? Full Arch Replacement dentures are also called “Implant Retained Dentures,” and are different than implant supported dentures. These dentures provide a full set of upper and/or lower replacement teeth.

What You Should Know about Full Arch Replacement

A fixed full arch bridge is attached to dental implants, resulting in a secure, stable fit and a natural look and feel. They also preserve your facial appearance. Traditional dentures simply cannot offer the same support, stability, and function as the Implant Retained Dentures.

The implant-supported arch will replace some of your tooth roots so that your jawbone is better preserved. Since the implant integrates, or bonds with the jawbone, it keeps the bone healthy and intact. The implant posts are placed first. Although it can take 4-6 months to complete your custom full arch replacement dentures, a set of temporary teeth will be placed when your implants are installed so that you can continue to function as normal.

By using just a few Implants, full arch replacement dentures will look and act just like normal teeth. It will be almost impossible to tell them apart from your natural teeth. They provide much-improved retention over traditional dentures. In contrast, traditional (non-implant retained) dentures must be removed at night for daily cleaning. Traditional dentures can cause mouth soreness when they move around, they can affect speech and eating, and overall they just don’t look as natural. A conventional full upper denture can also reduce the sense of taste.

Schedule an appointment with us today, and together we will explore whether or not a full arch replacement could be right for you. It is the very best option available for those missing large portions of their teeth. You’ll think this is the best decision you ever made regarding your oral health.
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