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Denture Relines
Group of Women Smiling at Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics If you find your dentures are fitting less comfortably than before, a reline might be in order. Over the course of your lifetime, your tissues continue to recede and change. A reline of your denture helps compensate for these tissue changes by replacing the tissue-supporting portion of your denture. This improves stability and retention and prevents your face from ‘shrinking’ over time. It also helps to prevent any sore spots that may have developed.

What You Should Know About Denture Relines

With proper care and use, most dentures will last for approximately 7-10 years, often longer. However, every few years it is recommended that you have your dentures relined. Poorly fitting dentures can wear down the bone and soft tissues in your mouth more quickly. The denture base needs to always fit tightly against your gum tissue.

The best reline is performed at a dental laboratory, taking approximately 1-2 days. Most patients benefit from a reline every 3-5 years.

Just like real teeth, dentures need constant care. If you are a denture wearer, you need to develop excellent oral care habits to ensure your dentures continue to fit well and last the longest possible time. If you are finding yourself with uncomfortable dentures, call our office and let’s see if a reline is in order and get you back to feeling secure and pain-free.
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