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Care of Dentures



•  Dentures/partials are slippery when wet and can break if dropped. Always clean over a towel or sink containing water to act as a cushion in case they are dropped.
•  Dentures should be soaked once a day in an over-the-counter cleaner of your choosing. If using tablet cleansers, only soak for the time recommended by the cleanser’s manufacture. You may use a stiff denture brush to scrub your prosthesis.
•  Do Not use regular toothpaste on your denture teeth. It is abrasive and over time will dull and or scratch the surface of the teeth causing them to harbor stain or bacteria.
•  Continue to use a regular soft toothbrush on your gums, tongue, and remaining teeth.

Overdenture (Implants)

•  It is very important that you do not soak overdentures for longer than the manufacture’s recommended time as it can damage the components located inside the denture.
•  Be sure to thoroughly rinse the prosthesis before reinserting in mouth. The residual denture cleaner can be abrasive you implant abutments if not thoroughly removed.
•  You may clean your implant abutments (the portion of the Implant you can see in your mouth) with a wet toothbrush or Rubber Tipped Stimulator. You may also dip the brush in alcohol free mouth wash for a fresher taste.
•  DO NOT use toothpaste, baking soda, or any other cleaner on your implant abutments. Use may alcohol free mouthwash only. Abrasive cleaners may result in wear of the abutments which can lessen the retention of the prosthesis. This could result in the need to replace the implant abutment.


•  Please store your prosthesis in a case with a lid with water at all times. If allowed to dry for too long, your prosthesis may distort and will no longer fit correctly.
•  Do not store in denture cleaner for longer than the time recommended for that particular cleaner. After the recommended soak time, change the liquid to plain water to continue to soak overnight, or when not in use.
•  Always store your prosthesis away from pets. Placing in a drawer or cabinet is best as pets can be very determined to access your prosthesis. If they are able to reach your prosthesis, they are likely to chew on them and damage them, possibly past the point of repair.
•  If you are traveling with your prosthesis and will not be wearing them, please wrap them in a wet paper towel and store in your case. Keep in mind, the case provided is not water tight.

Sore Spots:

•  If you are experiencing sore areas for your prosthesis, please contact our office to schedule an examination and adjustment.
•  If you feel the need to remove your prosthesis for temporary relief, reinsert the prosthesis 8 hours before your adjustment appointment so we can better locate the offending areas. If you have a “spare” prosthesis, you may wear that until your current prosthesis can be adjusted.
•  You may use a product such as Orajel or Anbesol for TEMPORARY EMERGENCY relief only. Please do NOT use on a routine basis. These products simply numb the area and mask the true problem. If a sore area is allowed to persist, it can result in an infection of the tissue.
•  Please try to do any adjustments yourself. It is possible to irreversibly damage the prosthesis.

Spare Prosthesis:

•  If you have a spare prosthesis, please continue to care for it as you were prior to your new prosthesis. (Soaking in water or wrapped in a wet paper towel)
•  Keep it clean by brushing at least once a day.
•  Continue storing it this way until we are sure the new prosthesis is working well for you and is comfortable. After that point in time, you can begin storing your spare in a dry state.

Broken Prosthesis:

•  If your prosthesis fractures, please contact our office to schedule an appointment for repair.
•  Do NOT attempt to repair your prosthesis yourself. Doing so may affect our ability to repair the prosthesis effectively.
•  Please bring any pieces or teeth that have broken off of the denture/partial with you to your repair appointment.
•  Although most repairs can be completed in office, some must be sent to the lab. If you have a spare prosthesis, please bring it with you to your repair appointment. We may request you wear your spare prosthesis while your repair is being completed.
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