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Anterior Crowns

When you have damaged or decayed teeth in the front of your mouth, Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics wants you to know that there is a solution. Anterior crowns are a great option regardless of whether you’ve suffered trauma, your teeth have deteriorated due to large previous fillings, leaking crowns, chips or cracks, root canals, etc, or you are looking to improve on your teeth cosmetically (improving the shape or shade of the teeth in the front of your mouth). Before you get anterior crowns, there are some things you should know about crowns and how they are made.

Anterior Crowns

Anterior crowns are those that are placed in the front of your mouth. Due to their location, these require some special considerations regarding cosmetics and aesthetics. These two factors are key here since everyone wants to see your beautiful smile. As such, it’s important to take the shade of your natural front teeth into consideration. This is something that varies from person to person, but finding the right shade that blends in nicely with the rest of your teeth is an important part of the process.

What Are Anterior Crowns

An anterior crown is complete covering for a damaged tooth. It is typically made of either lithium disilicate (porcelain) or zirconia. The damaged portion of the tooth is removed and replaced with a new material to build up the damaged tooth structure. The tooth is then trimmed down using precise space specifications to allow a strong restoration while preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. While your new crown is being designed and fabricated, you will wear a temporary restoration that will protect the tooth and also look like a tooth to allow you to continue to function.

We work with you and with the lab to create a final restoration that blends as close as possible with your remaining natural teeth. Achieving a natural, esthetic anterior crown can take time, so we do ask you to be patient during this process to allow us to create the best final result possible.

Once the restoration is complete, you have the chance to approve the esthetics. The crown is then seated securely using a dental cement so that the final crown is fixed (not removable) and feels and looks like a natural tooth.

The Decision to get Anterior Crowns

Properly fitted anterior crowns will blend in nicely with the teeth that surround it. Occasionally there are some subtle differences between them and your natural teeth that are still noticeable though. This is why some people will elect to get them placed over a small group of teeth – between two and six in number. Understanding all these things about anterior crowns is important, but you must understand that this is only your first step. With this information in mind, you'll want to call Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics at 336-274-5400 to schedule an appointment to get your smile healthy again soon.
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