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All On 4 Treatment
Greensboro, NC

Rendered image of all on 4 treatment concept from Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics in Greensboro, NC
An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from complete tooth loss, according to the American College of Prosthodentists. At Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics, we offer you restorative dentistry that can help improve quality of life for people who suffer from edentulism. One of the most innovative concepts that restores proper form and function of your teeth is called the All-On-4 treatment.

What is the All-On-4 Treatment Concept?

The All-On-4 treatment is an innovative dental restoration process that provides people with full arches of teeth on the day of the surgery. The treatment is called All-on-4 because all the artificial teeth on the arches are supported by 4 implants each on the lower and upper jaw. At Dr. Julie Phillips Prosthodontics, Julie A. Phillips, DDS, MS and Dr. Julie A. Phillips perform this surgery.

The All-On-4 treatment involves inserting four hypoallergenic titanium implants into the jawbone and a dental bridge which consists of a full set of teeth is attached to them. These artificial teeth look, feel, and function almost exactly like your natural teeth. During the healing process, your jawbone will fuse to the implants in a process called osseointegration and increase the strength and stability of your jaw.

All-On-4 treatment may be a good alternative for people who have low jawbone density but do not want a bone graft. That’s because the two back implants are tilted at 30 to 45 degrees angles, which lets them take advantage of the denser bone remaining in the jaw. This provides stability to the implants while avoiding the low-density bones of the nerve canal in the lower jaw and the sinus cavity in the upper jaw.

Benefits of All-On-4 Treatment Concepts

All-On-4 Treatment has several benefits:
•  Arguably, the biggest benefit may be that they eliminate the need for bone grafts, since the tilted dental implants in the back offer more support and stability to the artificial teeth.
•  Less Dental Implants: All-On-4 surgery requires four implants each on your upper and lower jaw to support full arches of teeth. Regular full-arch implant treatment may require 6 to 8 implants to support a single arch of teeth.
•  Smaller Treatment Time: Since there is no need for a bone graft and the replacement teeth are placed on the implants on the same day as the implant surgery, the patient does not have to wait months in between surgery sessions. As compared to regular implant surgeries, the treatment time for All-On-4 is relatively short.
•  Eliminates the Need for Wearing Removable Dentures: All-on-4 is a permanent treatment that helps you get rid of the hassle of wearing removable dentures. This means no bulky and loose prosthetics in your mouth that can make eating, speaking, swallowing, and breathing a chore.
•  No Bone Grafting Required: Since there is no need to get a bone augmentation, it may also be possible for people who have less dense jawbones to get this surgery.
•  No Loss of Bone: Once your natural teeth are removed or lost, the alveolar ridge supporting them dissolve, further reducing the density of the jaw. Overtime, this will cause your mouth to pucker in and your cheeks to sag. With All-On-4 treatment, you can prevent your bones from being dissolved and maintain the structure of your face.

The All-On-4 treatment has a 98% success rate five years after the procedure. Once the surgery is finished, you will need to make a few more visits so that we can check if your jaw is healing well. We will also recommend what medication to take for pain, how to take care of your oral hygiene and what food to eat while your jaw is healing.
If you have any questions about the All-On-4 concept, call us today at 336-274-5400 to schedule an appointment.
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