After Treatment Care

Your denture/partial is designed to accommodate the dramatic changes that occur after having your teeth extracted. Your mouth will feel very strange and different to you following surgery.

What should I expect immediately following surgery?

  • Follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon or periodontist regarding diet, medication, rinsing, etc.
  • You may remove the denture/partial for cleaning, but it should be reinserted within 5-10 minutes.
  • The first time you remove your prostheses, it is best to be sitting. Your prostheses compresses the tissue in your mouth and when removed may cause a slight feeling of being light-headed.
  • If the denture/partial is removed for an extended period of time, any swelling that may occur can go unregulated and you may not be able to reinsert your denture/partial.
  • We will make any modifications or adjustments necessary during your office visit with us.

Don’t worry, it will get better!

If you experience any problems, please call our office at 336-274-5400.

What should I do following an extraction?

  • Rest for the remainder of the day following your extraction. Remember: No heavy lifting or bending and standing. Take it easy.
  • No forceful spitting. You may rinse, but just let the water run out of your mouth into the sink.
    No drinking through a straw.
  • No smoking for the rest of the day.
  • Forceful spitting, drinking through a straw, smoking, or anything that can create suction in your mouth can remove the clot or cause a “dry socket,” which can be very painful.
  • Do eat something, but if you are still numb be careful when chewing as you may bite your tongue, jaw or lip. Soup is great to eat, but don’t make it too hot. It is best to have something in your stomach so you will not become nauseous.
  •  Gauze will be placed over the extraction site when you leave. Bite firmly to stop any blood flow. You will be given extra gauze to take home with you. As the gauze becomes saturated, replace it with two of the extra gauze. Fold both gauze pads in half and then in half again. Place the gauze over the extraction site and bite firmly. Hold until bleeding subsides. Change gauze every 30 minutes or so until bleeding slows.
  • You will see some oozing of blood after the gauze is removed. This is normal. Often the blood will mix with your saliva and appear to be bleeding more than it actually is.
  • If you have an immediate denture over the extraction sites, the denture will act as a bandage. You do not need to place gauze under the denture.
  • If the gauze continues to be saturated with blood after two (2) hours, please call the office. If the office is closed, call the after-hours number, 336-335-9440.

If you experience any problems or have any questions, please call our office at 336-274-5400.

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